feathers Quiz

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  • Question 1 :
  • Removal of the young developing leaves below the apical bud on the main shoot, especially when done twice, has increased branching and produced wider angle shoots, and enhanced __________ for slender spindle trees
    1. feathering
    2. feathered
    3. feathers
    4. feather
  • Question 2 :
  • Another Autumn, for instance, is a series of one-line sketches — a __________ of the ink whereby characters lose definition is followed by overlapping windowscreens, one pattern interfering with another, which is in turn followed by sideways, all the politeness, all that irony, trying for a draw (an echo of a line from A Pillow-Book, a much earlier O'Brien poem).
    1. feathering
    2. feathered
    3. feathers
    4. feather
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