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  • Exemples de word
    1. The word "cannot" is often contracted into "can't".
    2. The college student boasted of completing a 10,000-word essay on Shakespeare, but the professor judged it as utter crap.
    3. The word processor was released in a crippled demonstration version that did not allow you to save.
    4. Mrs. Krabappel: "Embiggens"? I never heard that word before moving to Springfield. Ms. Hoover: I don't know why, it's a perfectly cromulent word. [ …] Principal Skinner: He's embiggened that role with his cromulent performance.
    5. What's your dark meaning, mouse, of this light word?
    6. That it was in use among the Greeks, the word triclinium implieth, and the same is also declarable from many places in the Symposiacks of Plutarch. — Sir Thomas Browne.
    7. The parsnip, stilton and chestnut combination may taste good, but it's not terribly decorative. In fact, dull's the word, a lingering adjectival ghost of nut roasts past that I'm keen to banish from the table.
    8. firm of word, / Speaking in deeds and deedless in his tongue
  • Exemples de words
    1. Come hallow the goblet with something more true / Than words we forget in a minute.
    2. a hard master;  a hard heart;  hard words;  a hard character
    3. There was only one problem. Paul was HIV positive. And just a few weeks after his hot encounter with Max, a letter arrived for him, containing some legalese about HIV infection being a criminal act, with a few chilling words
    4. She sure was a hotshot on the keyboard, 93 words per minute!
    5. I use reduplicate to mean redouble, though both words should mean quadruple, but English is funny that way, so hold off on the hypercorrecting gotcha!
    6. The often exaggerated addition of /h/ before words like "out" in written Cockney is a hypercorrect affectation.
    7. Some dictionaries list hyphenated words as though they contained no punctuation.
    8. his immortal words
    9. (An inflected language is one in which words change form when their function changes.)
    10. Greeting cards contain some of the most insipid words ever written.
  • Exemples de worded
    1. Her plain-Jane appearance lulled the Secret Service representatives for a while but it wasn't long before she out f-worded them and became the assertive one in this space chase, [ …]
  • Exemples de wording
    1. He was able to write out the speeches of Hamlet, letter perfect. It was impressive to see how exactly he knew the wording.
    2. The wording of the legislation was somewhat open-ended in that it authorized not only the Bertillon signaletic system, but also "any measurements, processes or operations sanctioned by the Governor in Council having the like object in view."
    3. The wording of the ballot paper loaded the vote in favour of the Conservative candidate.
    4. The behavioral expression of pedophilic disorder often involves nonconsenting victims, since prepubescent children cannot legally give consent to sexual activity. However, the diagnostic criteria for pedophilic disorder have retained their DSM-IV-TR wording and thus differ from the DSM-5 diagnostic criteria for the other paraphilic disorders involving nonconsenting victims.
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