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  • Exemples de third
    1. This is the third hand in a row where you've drawn four of a kind. Someone is stacking the deck! ‎
    2. How do you get past the flying creatures in the third stage? ‎
    3. His third attempt to pass the entrance exam was a success.
    4. The loss of the third engine threw the plane into a tailspin.
    5. took third place ‎; took bribes
    6. The runner reached third base with a stand-up triple.
    7. The third baseman charged in to field the bunt.
    8. "If Columbus hadn't discovered America, he wouldn't have been famous." is an example of a third conditional sentence.
    9. When I came home at 4am, my dad really gave me the third degree.
  • Exemples de thirds
    1. BREWERS 3, PHILLIES 2 Ben Sheets (4-2) struck out eight in seven and two-thirds innings, and Gabe Gross hit two bases-empty home runs for the first multihomer game of his career to help visiting Milwaukee end a four-game losing streak.
    2. As an example, let us take a ratio which is two-thirds of a quadruple. Since 2 is the numerator, we shall have one-third of a quadruple ratio squared, namely a sedecuple ratio.
    3. He ate a third of the pie. Divided by two-thirds.
    4. They sing in thirds.
    5. An eclipse of eight digits is one which hides two thirds of the diameter of the disk.
    6. Two-thirds of local recurrences after surgery occur at the anastomosis (of these 60 % were posterior, 20 % anterior, and 15 % lateral), 17 % in the retrovesical space, 10 % in the bladder neck and 10 % elsewhere [ 6 ].
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