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    1. The type I wall contains a large amount of pectic polymers, such as rhamnogalacturonans and arabinogalactans, and xyloglucans.
    2. Indeed, treatment of aplastic anemia patients with thrombopoietin mimetics, such as eltrombopag and romiplostim, have demonstrated clinical efficacy.
    3. It is likely that the decrease in the number of PC shots during the surgery can reduce inflammation, however there still remains the risk of the progression of the neovascularization such as rubeotic glaucoma.
    4. These improvements have enabled nanomole-scale structure elucidations such as were used to characterize the sanguinamides from the marine nudibranch Hexabranchus sanguineus [13 ].
    5. In addition, we and others previously reported that Src inhibitors such as saracatinib (AZD0530) or dasatinib, while effective in inhibiting metastasis, are generally not inducers of apoptosis, which is in part due to their ability to induce autophagy.
    6. Once a sawmilling town that was a gateway to forests of mountain ash and waterfalls, it has also come to embrace tourist lurks, such as arts and crafts.
    7. Animals within Sedentaria have more sedentary lifestyles and other traits associated with sessility such as reduced sensory organs and parapodia.
    8. For cells and cellular components, available cross-species resources such as the Cell Ontology (CL) [ 46 ] and the Gene Ontology Cellular Component subontology (CO-CC) are used.
    9. The procedure also provided other subcellular fractions (e.g. kinetoplasts) that could be used in further subproteomic studies such as quantitative experiments and the identification of post-translational modifications in specific subcellular fractions.
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