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    1. They produce several quality sherries.
    2. Fresh butter, salt beef, anchovies, tunny, a shopful of Planchet's commodities, fowls, vegetables, salad, fish from the pond and the river, game from the forest--all the produce, in fact, of the province.
    3. Grocery stores show off their produce by placing the most attractive specimens in front.
    4. A female blue whale may produce a specific power of up to 16 kilowatts per tonne when sprinting.
    5. This algorithm will produce a state machine for parsing a given context-free grammar.
    6. Unless the head is driven out of the bowel it will continue to produce new segments[…]The stools passed after administration of the taenifuge should be carefully examined with a view to discover the head of the worm.
    7. Because the present climate can never produce enough weathering to produce oxisols, torrox soils are always paleosols formed during periods of much wetter climates.
    8. To mingle with others of its kind and produce the next generation of eggs, toxoplasma must find its way to the gastrointestinal tract of a cat.
    9. 2,5-Bis(trifluoromethyl)-1,3,4-oxadiazole (104) has been reported by several groups to react with ring-strained alkenes under forcing thermal conditions to produce coupled products
    10. Its portfolios have returned more than 20 percent a year after fees for two decades, and those fees — which produce the profits that unitholders have a stake in — have been ample.
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    1. There will also be a short set by Roberto Corona and Stefano Pinna, who'll play the launeddas, an ancient Sardinian triple-reed instrument that produces a bagpipelike drone.
    2. A bastard orange gel produces predominantly orange light with undertones of blue.
    3. Further reaction of quadricyclane with the cyclobutene-1,2-diester system of 9 produces the decacyclic system 7, in which each terminus contains a 3,4-dihydro variant of Smith’s diene.
    4. Pressing on the bruise produces a dull pain.
    5. The X refinery produces a wide range of gasolines.
    6. Reaction of quadricyclane with Smith’s diene produces the hexacyclic structure 8, while controlled Mitsudo cycloaddition of DMAD onto 8 can be used to form the heptacyclic system 9.
    7. The plant produces lactaceous secretions.
    8. Heath's home is defined as "net-zero," which means it produces as much energy as it consumes throughout the year.[1]
    9. "They are looking at what is really American in a nonjaded way," said Mark Russell, who produces the Under the Radar Festival at the Public.
    10. The skunk produces a penetrating odor.
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    1. wood flour, produced by sanding wood
    2. Three or four issues of an OO, Night Action, were produced, but general gafiation ruined plans for what was essentially a DC-Michigan coalition.
    3. Other kilns in Shaanxi and Henan and other provinces in the North, like Shanxi and Shandong, also produced greenwares during the Song period.
    4. FVP of bisalkene 77 was also conducted, and produced the cyclic hexaene 83.
    5. Arsenal must have been pleased that Leeds' leading scorer Luciano Becchio was ruled out with a back injury and the hosts missed his hold-up play and threat for long periods as Wenger's side produced wave after wave of attack.
    6. Thus, epistemic justification is thought to be supervenient on such properties as indubitability, coherence, being appropriately caused by experience, being produced by a reliable process, and so on.
    7. However just as both batsmen started looking settled on what appears to be a good batting deck, veteran Tasmanian paceman Gerard Denton produced an inswinger that crashed through Jaques' defences, knocking back his off stump.
    8. In addition to the fresh-baked bread, cake, and fruit-filled kolacky, they also shelve locally produced clover honey.
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    1. Climatic warming during the past 10,000 years led to the extirpation of most low-elevation pika populations, producing the modern-day relictual distribution of the species. [1]
    2. The sedimentological conditions for trace fossil preservation are different from those conducive to preserving most body fossils; indeed, trace-producing activities are usually detrimental to the preservation of body fossils.
    3. The corporation was accused of unethical behavior for knowingly producing a product suspected of harming health.
    4. A dioeciously hermaphrodite plant has flowers structurally perfect, but practically dioecious, those on one plant producing no pollen, and those on another no ovules.
    5. When I talk of men producing and using pornography and women being portrayed in pornography, I do not suggest that all men use pornography, that no woman produces pornography or that only women are ever portrayed pornographically.
    6. If that weren’t enough, in 1993 she married Karl von Habsburg, otherwise known as Archduke Karl of Austria, Prince Royal of Hungary and Bohemia, and the couple set up home in Salzburg, producing two archduchesses and an archduke.
    7. In contrast, egg-producing white leghorn chickens have had the broodiness bred out of them.
    8. Most dogbanes are poisonous tropical plants producing showy flowers and milky juice
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