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  • Exemples de planting
    1. we have a heavy head of deer this yearplanting the hedges increased the head of quail and doves
    2. An eclectic art collector, traveler and gardener, she had started the tradition of planting cascading nasturtiums over the central court shortly after building the villalike museum, which opened to the public in 1903.
    3. The planting or sowing of maize, exclusively called corn, was just accomplished on the Town Hill, when I reached it.
    4. cover-crop planting
    5. And in your planting the consideration of the clymate and of the soyle be matters that are to be respected.
    6. Just as with the Irish potato, it is important to know how good a yielder you are planting.
  • Exemples de plantings
    1. Take one of the plantings over as a house-warming gift.
    2. ...has stimulated a surge in plantings and production of rapeseed and sunseed.
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