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  • Exemples de plant
    1. an evil beast; an evil plant; an evil crop
    2. an extirpable plant
    3. They are swimming toward some kind of undersea plant (a sea anemone?), itself surrounded by watermelon-size amoeba shapes with long, fingery edges.
    4. I love to gardenthis year I'm going to plant some daffodils.
    5. Plant breeding is always a numbers game. [ …] The wild species we use are rich in genetic variation, and individual plants are highly heterozygous and do not breed true. In addition, we are looking for rare alleles, so the more plants we try, the better.
    6. The hills here, and indeed all the heathy grounds in general, abound with the sweet-smelling plant which the Highlanders call gaul, and (I think) with dwarf juniper in many places.
    7. This plant thrives best in a humusy soil.
  • Exemples de plants
    1. A cat is an animal, not a plant. Humans are also animals, under the scientific definition, as we are not plants. ‎
    2. Research is progressing well on finding native plants with anthelmintic properties.
    3. articulate animals or plants
    4. As the world's drug habit shows, governments are failing in their quest to monitor every London window-box and Andean hillside for banned plants.
    5. In the center of Flag are five bannerlike horizontal colored bands, each containing a row of plants--but this flag is no fixed symbolic entity.
    6. When I went out to water my garden, the soil was bone dry. No wonder plants were drooping. ‎
    7. Plant breeding is always a numbers game. [ …] The wild species we use are rich in genetic variation, and individual plants are highly heterozygous and do not breed true.
    8. All trees are plants, but the converse, that all plants are trees, is not true.
    9. Some families of plants are degraded dicotyledons. — Dana.
  • Exemples de planted
    1. That gun's not mine! It was planted there by the real murderer!
    2. Native basalt was ground especially and mixed with concrete [ …] to form handsome deep gray blocks (18" x 18") which were placed in sand, the wide joints being planted to ponyfoot
    3. [ …] bodies were dissolved by resomation and the fluid evaporated to a powder that was ceremoniously scattered around the roots of newly planted trees.
    4. We rooted his box and planted a virus on it.
    5. I planted some roselle in the garden so I can start making my own hibiscus tea instead of relying on processed agua de jaimaica powders.
    6. My favorite of the moment: a sleeping man in a long cattle trough, planted with thousands of a Sedum album called Red Ice, now turning ruby red in the cold, with sempervivum eyes on a head-size volcanic rock, and two farmer-like feet made of same.
    7. This softwood has been planted extensively throughout Scotland.
    8. The police planted the gun in my car. It was a stitch-up.
  • Exemples de planting
    1. we have a heavy head of deer this yearplanting the hedges increased the head of quail and doves
    2. An eclectic art collector, traveler and gardener, she had started the tradition of planting cascading nasturtiums over the central court shortly after building the villalike museum, which opened to the public in 1903.
    3. The planting or sowing of maize, exclusively called corn, was just accomplished on the Town Hill, when I reached it.
    4. cover-crop planting
    5. And in your planting the consideration of the clymate and of the soyle be matters that are to be respected.
    6. Just as with the Irish potato, it is important to know how good a yielder you are planting.
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