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    1. John is planning to quit smoking. ‎
    2. My sister's eyes were full of stardust, and she'd spend hours lazily planning her future life when she would make her big break in the movies.
    3. When planning the boat trip we had completely forgotten that we needed somebody to steer.
    4. City will now make the Premier League an even bigger priority, while regrouping and planning again for what they hope will be another tilt at the Champions League next season.
    5. He hasn't twigged that we're planning a surprise party for him.
    6. “People began to prefer umlessness in public speaking and conversation around the same time that they began to value order, organization, planning and efficiency in an increasingly complex and urbanizing society,” he writes.
    7. Does this have anything to do with the party you were planning?
    8. I was planning it as a surprise, but I think he is on to me.
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