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    1. Is value added tax payable on planning application fees?
    2. You should talk to the manager about your postcareer planning.
    3. At least “in terms of being prebriefed or, having, you know, the normal planning process in which you build up to this days or weeks ahead of time.”
    4. The prevailing opinion was for additional planning time.
    5. The principal cause of the failure was poor planning.
    6. The financial planning profession as a whole now faces an uphill battle to overcome the reputational damage caused by one large bad apple.
    7. If you are planning to wear a see-through dress, wear something underneath.
    8. NASA has set Sept. 11, 2008, as the target date for launching a mission intended to revitalize the telescope and keep it spaceworthy into the next decade, according to a planning document made public by nasawatch.com , an independent Web site.
    9. Because of the sunshine law, we could go to the planning meeting. ‎
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