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  • Exemples de plan
    1. With that obstacle removed, I am now able to proceed with my plan.
    2. When space travel becomes feasible, I plan to visit Alpha Centauri.
    3. I have little doubt that if President Obama’s economic recovery plan were for Iraq, Republicans would pass it without flinching because, of course, anyone who balked would be considered antipatriotic.
    4. "President Fujimori will support a two-tiered antisubversion plan," read a secret August 1990 memo from the United States Embassy in Lima, citing a former intelligence officer as its source.
    5. a casketless funeral plan
    6. In control as always, he came up with a cool plan. ‎
    7. His carrying a knife was counter to my plan.
  • Exemples de plans
    1. His fantastic post-college plans had all collapsed within a year of graduation.
    2. Rodobens, a provincial firm specializing in the lower-middle income bracket, has plans to build 10,000 homes a year over the next four years, a fifteenfold rise on its previous annual total.
    3. floorwise building plans; floorwise area calculations
    4. They'd been discussing their getaway plans for weeks.
    5. That night when the ice melted in the cooler and the booze got warm, I ditched plans on getting “mizzed,” miserably drunk. It had been a hangoverish but exciting afternoon to begin with, and there wasn't anything left of the weekend.
    6. We need to quickly hash up some plans.
    7. My grandfather was originally scheduled to travel on the ill-fated last voyage of the RMS Lusitania, but thankfully had to change his plans at the last minute.
    8. The imp is incorrigible: his bottom is still red from his last spanking when he plans the next prank.
    9. I am indifferent between the two plans.
  • Exemples de planned
    1. The decommissioned Hearn power plant is the city's top site to build a long-overdue, four-pad arena to anchor a planned sports complex on the eastern portlands, Toronto Mayor David Miller said yesterday.
    2. The public took to the streets to protest over the planned change to the law. ‎
    3. Her church group has planned an adoption shower. ‎
    4. The former superspook confided to me that he planned to challenge Baker to a lie-detector test on what was labeled “Debategate.”
    5. My family planned to take pictures from the ground as I overflew them in the hot air balloon.
    6. He speaks about working with craftsmen to recarve both wood and plaster at the New Amsterdam Theater, and he is the project manager for the Theater for a New Audience, which is planned for a site near the Brooklyn Academy of Music.
    7. Many projects were planned and started, but none saw the light of day.
    8. They had planned it as a surprise party, but somebody spilled the beans.
    9. “Then he planned to kill you, and take over himself as governor.” “Hah, in a pig's eye,” said Nasty Three.
    10. A principle of fiscal Hawkery was to never allow a planned deficit.
  • Exemples de planning
    1. The phenotype is useful in treatment planning while the endotype provides insight in pathophysiological mechanisms of CRS. Therefore, investigations of the pathogenesis and the factors amplifying mucosal inflammation are therefore, of crucial importance for the development of new diagnostic and therapeutic tools.
    2. The purpose of the present study is to correlate short term clinical outcomes with dosimetric profile comparison between TO and TR applicators using CT guided planning system in the setting of multifractionated HDR ICBT for gynecologic malignancy.
    3. Our model suggests that both of these features reflect interactions between area LIP, which is involved in visuo-spatial selection, and skeletomotor areas involved in planning the manual release.
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