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  • Exemples de place
    1. The place needs a good dust-out.
    2. The recruit eventually graduates to become a trained soldier and dutyman, with his place in a troop.
    3. Exactly the same procedure can be followed for each-way bets; however, you may not receive the quarter of the win-odds for a place.
    4. Place the plaque of conical molds, pointed side down, onto clean, empty, cardboard egg crates to support the molds so that they stand perfectly vertical.
    5. In this case, which took place in 2005, a content management system has been implemented, which curators of the ephorate enriched wirelessly via an application implemented for a Pocket PC device.
    6. This is essentialised place: a somewhere that is nowhere and yet everywhere.
    7. I had a big flounderish diatribe written up, but this isn't the place for it.
    8. Malcolm’s nephew Stevie, a similarly gargoyleish presence, takes his place on rhythm guitar, while Chris Slade – who had a spell with the band in the 80sreplaces Rudd.
    9. Gentle-heartedness follows from humble-heartedness. When I know my proper place, and am therefore free to appreciate and affirm the invaluable goodness of my neighbor, I can afford to be gentle.
  • Exemples de places
    1. I can't stand people who smoke in public places.
    2. The victory more or less justified the American strategy to find places where the men’s soccer teams will not feel like foreigners, outnumbered and outyelled by fanaticos from Latin America.
    3. In some places, the air conditioning was turned up earlier in the day to precool buildings, and then turned down during peak hours.
    4. Our Sauiour specialising and nominating the places in which these false prophets should teach his presence to be.
    5. The river washed over the embankment at several places.
    6. “This is my first time here,” Ivanovic said. “I was actually hoping it would snow because we always play in places where it’s very warm. So it’s fun also to get freezed a little bit."
    7. Uber-fans forget that even a sporting arena is a public place, not the living room; and that in public places certain rules of conduct apply. [2]
    8. However his appeale to their Holynesses hath made the King affrayde to remove him at present from any of his places
    9. There was no poor-law in the Isle of Man fifty years ago ... He was welcomed in a spirit of charity that had not a particle of pride in it, but he earned his board by bringing the "newses" from other places.
    10. There are various signages at the park entrance, and other places within the park.
  • Exemples de placed
    1. In the word "careful", the accent is placed on the first syllable.
    2. I have placed both of the ads in the newspaper as instructed.
    3. The city council placed an advertisement in the local newspaper to inform its residents of the forthcoming roadworks.
    4. The referee seemed well placed to award the goal, but video evidence suggested the protests were well founded and the incident only strengthens the case of those lobbying for technology to assist officials.
    5. This obſervation is verified in our authoreſs, who, without deſign, without art, and without inſtruction is arrived at a wonderful perfection in the art of poetry, and may be placed amongſt poets of the firſt claſs.
    6. A post or buoy placed over a shoal or bank to warn vessels of danger; also a signal mark on land. (FM 55-501).
    7. Of the three bedrooms, two have fireplaces, and all are of fair size, with windows and bedsite well placed. — Quart. Rev.
    8. She placed the workpiece on the bench, inspected it closely, and opened the cover.
  • Exemples de placing
    1. After any dead ball, play shall be resumed by a jump ball, a throw-in or by placing the ball at the disposal of a free-thrower. [2]
    2. You two may enter the real estate process assuming that finding a little love nest is simply a matter of spotting a dream pad, placing an offer, and picking out curtains.
    3. to pot sugar, by taking it from the cooler, and placing it in hogsheads, etc. with perforated heads, through which the molasses drains off
    4. Katia Carranza, Jennifer Carlynn Kronenberg and Callie Manning are asked to do standard Hispanic preenings: hands on hips, placing weight on one leg while displaying the other thigh.
    5. After placing the cartridge in the musket, ram it down securely with the ramrod.
    6. Grocery stores show off their produce by placing the most attractive specimens in front.
    7. On a tramway installation, drag the haul rope through each intermediate tower, placing it in the snatch block as the tower is passed to lighten the load.
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