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    1. “Pushing Daisies” stands out even in a season already overloaded with seriessome old, some new — that toy with the undead and paranormality, notably “Medium,” “Ghost Whisperer” and “Heroes,” as well as comedies like “Chuck” and “Reaper.”
    2. Perhaps most notably, our enquiries into the existence of unfreedoms are steps toward the measurement of the overall freedom of each individual and of each society.
    3. Notably, lyso-SF is anticoagulantly active in plasma with an ~ IC 50 of 26 μM obtained on plasma clotting assays.
    4. In contrast to these observations with ANPs, although UNP and CNP triggered increased ROS, notably in AT2 and MAC, this did not impact on mitochondrial integrity or cell viability, indicating the significance of surface chemistry in cellular bioreactivity.
    5. Notably, the other ACC transgenes appeared to be expressed in ventral cord neurons, as well as a variety of extrapharyngeal neurons (Fig 5C–5F).
    6. Notably, in breast cancer, relative low expression of hamartin and tuberin (TSC1 and TSC2 products, respectively) is associated with poor clinical outcome, and depletion of tuberin promotes metastasis.
    7. Notably, flagella could not be visualized for the mutant cells taken from the colony on swimming agar surface (Fig 6e ), in contrast to the hyperflagellated cells of the WT and rpoN-comp (Fig 6d and 6f ).
    8. It is predictable that some of these infections occur in individuals immunocompromised by malnutrition or underlying disease (notably cancer or AIDS) or by immunosuppressive therapy.
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    1. Featured most notably with Dizzy Gillespie's big band, Payne showed the influence of Harry Carney (the best-known baritonist of the swing era) in his meaty and authoritative sound [ … ] .
    2. In other parts of the world, soldiers have also been willing to commit suicide in bombing another army, most notably the Japanese kamikaze in World War II and the Iranian basaji during the Iran-Iraq War
    3. Certainly Mr. Rushdie has tackled the subject of fictionmaking before, most notably in his fanciful fairy tale “Haroun and the Sea of Stories” (1990).
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