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    1. And the bassist Mike Watt — the only nonoriginal member, replacing the deceased Dave Alexanderfollowed Iggy’s physical cues with half-crazed concentration, like a fisherman refusing to let go of a dangerous catch.
    2. The more outlying villages were never visited by their member of parliament.
    3. Joe was a member of the Philatelic Society
    4. Like Hillary, Governor Sebelius’s name comes preburnished, thanks to her father-in-law, Keith Sebelius, a former veteran member of Congress, and her father, John Gilligan, the former governor of Ohio.
    5. Senior Master Sgt. Bill Hones, a member of the Joint Service Orchestra, rehearsing on a carbon-fiber cello for the preinaugural concert at the Lincoln Memorial on Sunday.
    6. The Swiss, whose only Swiss crew member is the owner Ernesto Bertarelli, have even maintained contact in the past month with the big moment approaching, practicing prestarts with Desafío Español and organizing training races with Luna Rossa Challenge.
    7. This is because most member countries still hold a very much protectionist stance when it comes to the service sector.
    8. The rearmost member of the strike team walked backward to guard them from a surprise attack from behind.
    9. senior member; senior counsel
  • Exemples de members
    1. Not all members of the Gang of Six are consistent in their opposition to filibuster.
    2. The seven members of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System are nominated by the President and confirmed by the Senate.
    3. Several members cast it as an either-or issue, pitting the form of the headhouse against the function of the passageway.
    4. Ten members of the profession were honored at the ceremony.
    5. Southwark council, which took out the injunction against Matt, believes YouTube has become the "new playground" for gang members.
    6. During the Civil War, many Kentuckians found themselves fighting their own family members.
    7. Each of the cross-members must withstand a tensile load of 1,000 newtons.
  • Exemples de membered
    1. a five-membered ring
    2. N-substituted pyrroles are much less reactive than the other 5-membered 1,3-dienes; no reaction was observed between N-(trimethylsilyl) pyrrole or N-benzylpyrrole with Smith’s diene (4) under thermal or high pressure (4 days at 14 kbar) conditions, even in the presence of Lewis acids.
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