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    1. He caught my attention with irrelevant asides that didn’t quite make sense, but sounded very erudite if you didn’t think about it too much. In other words, I noticed that he was bullshitting. http://www.languagehat.com/archives/002815.php
    2. You can expect a flaming if you post irrelevant spam to a newsgroup.
    3. He wrote a status on Facebook about what a fun time they all had that evening, and then everybody started commenting. After a while, with more than 2000 irrelevant comments, it was Rakousia.
    4. And, in this country, the traditional, ingrained way to dehumanize people, to make both their pain and their individuality irrelevant, is to rely on their race.
    5. The man rejected the business forum moderator's advice and decided to feed the troll by answering his irrelevant question whether he could host a game show.
    6. Ignoring the political science research will not make its results disappear. If legal scholars fail to confront the attitudinal model, the resultant legal research will appear increasingly irrelevant and agennesic.
    7. It is irrelevant what his identity is - particularly since you have told us, in your little bit of tinfoilhattery above, that you refuse to reveal yours.
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