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    1. Perhaps omitting Weber from footnotes is intended to avenge his backhanded treatment of the American Puritans (and by extension their academic champions), whom he virtually ignored—albeit with unhappy consequences for his own work.
    2. We gave him wedgies and did mock beat-ups. We never hurt him or intended to hurt him, but he went along with our tough guy sort of image, and took it tongue in cheek and got it.
    3. He made his living black-marketing goods intended only for tourists.
    4. This time, my host asked me if I was part of LinkedIn, a buzzy Web site intended to link people with similar business interests.
    5. She mixed furniture with the same fatal profligacy as she mixed drinks, and this outrageous contact between things which were intended by Nature to be kept poles apart gave her an inexpressible thrill.
    6. Intended to be swallowed whole and digested over 12 hours, the pills can produce a heroinlike high if crushed and then swallowed, inhaled or injected.
    7. So when Prince & Associates, a market research firm in Redding, Conn., polled people with more than $1 million in investable assets, it wasn’t any great surprise that 81 percent intended to take money out of the hands of their financial advisers .
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