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    1. Or the Timeless Bracelet, designed by Ina Seifart: a link-style watchband with a traditional foldover clasp, it has no face at all, just an open spot where you would expect to see one.
    2. Architectural experts say they cannot recall such a drastic midconstruction downscaling, especially of a building designed by a marquee architect, in this case Norman Foster.
    3. Think of the moonlike images that Lindy Roy designed for the entrance to the Gallery Met at the Metropolitan Opera House [ … ] .
    4. The printer was designed with a multijet printhead.
    5. In “The Gap,” the show’s only nonanimation film, visitors to the annual car show at the Pasadena Art Center admire a futuristic blue Lexus designed for Steven Spielberg ’s “Minority Report.”
    6. The system, which integrates the catalogs for circulating and noncirculating materials and was designed to improve search functions, was introduced Monday morning.
    7. Almost indistinguishable from the earlier 115-horse airplane, the new model is designed from the ground up to go nose-to-nose with big-engine, high-performance kit planes.
    8. The fashion press regarded her red carpet attire with derision, calling it orchidaceous and overly designed.
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