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    1. This process has been developed into an [n]ladderane synthesis by starting with the dihydro derivative 5 of Smith’s diene and working in tandem.
    2. Ancient Greek γόνος ‎(gónos ) is a reflex of *ǵónh₁os ‎(“ race ” ), which is itself an o-grade derivative of the root *ǵenh₁- ‎(“ to beget; to produce, bear ” ).
    3. Rhodium(II) octanoate catalyzed decomposition of (R)-pantolactone derivative 13a in the presence of alkenes resulted in cyclopropanation with up to 97% de.
    4. TM-601, an I 131 synthetic derivative of chlorotoxin, has been approved by the FDA for glioma therapy and diagnostics.
    5. A new anticancer ligustrazine derivative, 3β-hydroxyolea-12-en-28-oic acid-3,5,6-trimethylpyrazin-2-methylester (T-OA, C 38 H 58 O 3 N 2), was previously reported.
    6. Dronedarone (Multaq), a new class III antiarrhythmic agent, is a noniodinated amiodarone derivative associated with fewer adverse effects and reduced toxicity.
  • Exemples de derivatives
    1. The alkaloids cytisine and sparteine are derivatives of quinolizidine.
    2. They pushed the envelope on pricing derivatives.
    3. The two maysin derivatives apimaysin and 3”-methoxymaysin were not present in any of the plant lines.
    4. All the selected dihydroxyflavone derivatives showed dose and time dependent inhibition of carrageenan induced paw oedema.
    5. In Elvish, nasal infixion is a frequent means of forming derivatives from roots.
    6. During neurulation in chick embryos, as the neural folds fuse dorsally, CNC cells delaminate and migrate to generate several cephalic structures that comprise mesectodermal and neural derivatives [2 ] (but see also [3 ]).
    7. Consistent with this hypothesis, many of the metabolites in cluster 5 are branched chain amino acids and their derivatives, which are known to be metabolized during midlogarithmic phase [22 ].
    8. Various immunologic and nonimmunologic mechanisms have been implicated in hypersensitivity reactions induced by castor oil derivatives.
    9. In obese human subjects, intrahepatic DAG content, but not ceramides or acylcarnitines (other derivatives of fatty acid metabolism), is inversely correlated with the ability of insulin to suppress endogenous glucose production [45].
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