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  • Exemples de contradict
    1. Different levels of mensuration have different roles in the musical structure. The most prominent one is the one corresponding to the compositional tactus. Rhythmic groups may contradict the mensuration temporarily, but in the examples in this book, they never do so throughout an entire piece.
  • Exemples de contradicts
    1. No doctrine...contradicts the Holy Scripture in a more unwarrantable manner than that of the so-called Apokatastasis.
    2. “No, the lord is a shepherd,” a flockmate contradicts.
    3. His testimony contradicts hers.
    4. Everything he says contradicts me.
  • Exemples de contradicted
    1. White House complaints that homeland defense would be threatened are, in fact, contradicted by the history of 9/11 and the F.B.I. field agent whose preattack warnings to superiors went unheeded.
    2. The silent accrescence of belief from the unwatched depositions of a general, never contradicted hearsy
  • Exemples de contradicting
    1. Evidence contradicting this principle came from a study of epileptic patients by Penfield and Roberts (1959) who found that dysphasia following surgery on the right hemisphere was not significantly more frequent in the left-handed than in the right-handed.
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