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    1. The economic spirit of a people cannot be manipulated in as simple-minded a fashion as the Keynesian mechanists imagine.
    2. In one way, Mr. Brown's position is particularly difficult, because unlike other political leaders he cannot claim to be a new broom. The Economist in article "Labour pains" on Dec 1st 2007
    3. Byd. ...a good cheeke, an inticing eye, a smooth skinne, a well shapt leg, a faire hand, you cannot bring a wench into a fooles parradize for you? Sim. Not I by this garter, I am a foole, a very Ninny I, how call you her? how call you her?
    4. If the world cannot be rational in my sense, in the sense of unconditional surrender, I refuse to grant that it is rational at all. It is pure incoherence, a chaos, a nulliverse, to whose haphazard sway I will not truckle.
    5. Since each representation which passes out of consciousness continues to exist in the soul as an unconscious product (where we cannot tell; the soul is not in space), it is not retention, but obliviscence which needs explanation.
    6. Paleointensity cannot be predicted by theory or from numerical simulation, since the mechanisms involved in the geodynamo are not sufficiently constrained.
    7. That guy is so fat you cannot see his pelvic lines.
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