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    1. The wordred” in “the red balloon” is an attributive adjective.
    2. By adding "-ness", you can form a noun from an adjective. ‎
    3. English National Opera is a title freighted with implications, and that first adjective promises not only a geographical reach, but a linguistic commitment too.
    4. (Used as an adjective in:) Let me put one little kiss on those holmberry lips, Tess, or even on that warmed cheek, and I'll stop - on my honour, I will! - Thomas Hardy, Tess of the d'Urbervilles.
    5. A noun is the usual modificand of an adjective.
    6. His parking skills needed improvement. ( as participial adjective )
    7. That’s because the noun, by virtue of its use as a hyphenated compound adjective in middle-age spread, creates nail-nibbling self-doubt amid visions of muffin-top midriffs and the realization that paunchiness precludes raunchiness.
  • Exemples de adjectives
    1. Adjectival nouns are simply identical in form to adjectives of a particular gender and decline accordingly.
    2. Note: In English they are the same as the demonstrative adjectives - this, that, these and those
    3. Adjectives and nouns should agree in gender, number, and case. ‎
    4. "My", "its" and "his" are possessive adjectives.
    5. Meus and tuus are called adjectival pronouns – or alternatively possessive adjectives.
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