Fdent WDent
  • La dent est un organe dur et fortement minéralise implanté dans le palais des raies,
  • Les dents sont souvent caractérisées par le régime alimentaire de l'espèce qui conditionne leur form
  • NomPLteeth
    1. A hard, calcareous structure present in the mouth of many vertebrate animals, generally used for eating.
      1. A sharp projection on the blade of a saw or similar implement.
        1. A projection on the edge of a gear that meshes with similar projections on adjacent gears, or on the circumference of a cog that engages with a chain.
          1. (botany) A pointed projection from the margin of a leaf.
            1. (animation) The rough surface of some kinds of cel or other films that allow better adhesion of artwork.
              1. (figuratively) taste; palate.
                1. I have a sweet tooth: I love sugary treats.
            2. VerbeSGtoothsPRtoothingPT, PPtoothed
              1. To provide or furnish with teeth.
                1. To indent; to jag.
                  1. to tooth a saw
                2. To lock into each other, like gear wheels.
                3. Plus d'exemples
                  1. Utilisé au milieu de la phrase
                    • However, these tooth characters are recognized not only in the odobenids but also in other pinnipeds such as allodesmine desmatophocids [29 –31 ].
                    • > Man oh man, does Marcus Flint need to get his teeth fixed! I think > that is the W*O*R*S*T case of British teeth I have E*V*E*R > seen in my life! Get thee to an orthodontist, child!!!
                    • Modern Gymnarchus have teeth that vary in shape from incisiform at the symphysis to caniniform distally on the jaw.
                  2. Utilisé au début de la phrase
                    • Tooth implantation is subthecodont as μCT images show that the teeth sit in shallow sockets (but see below).
                  3. Utilisé dans la fin de la phrase
                    • A box of Cracker Jacks is enough for two, unless one of the two has a sweet tooth.
                    • I took a tumble down the stairs and broke my tooth.
                    • External cervical resorption is the loss of dental hard tissue as a result of odontoclastic action; it usually begins on the cervical region of the root surface of the teeth.

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                Grammaticalement, ce mot "tooth" est un nom, plus spécifiquement, un noms avec pluriels irrégulier et un noms dénombrable. C'est aussi un verbe.
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