that is  

  • Adverbe
    1. (conjunctive) In other words; that is to say. Used to introduce a clarification or explanation.
    2. Plus d'exemples
      1. Utilisé au milieu de la phrase
        • Is it possible to banish the highheartedness of magnanimity from political life without at the same time banishing the highheartedness that is the condition for philosophy?
        • a diamond of the first water, i.e. one that is perfectly pure and transparent ‎
        • The MesJ protein is a well-known cell-cycle protein that is directly responsible for lysidine formation and thus is essential for decoding AUA codons in vivo [ 27 ].
      2. Utilisé au début de la phrase
        • That is right; — keep to your 'magnum opus' — magnoperate away.
        • That is the preponderating consideration to which everything else has to yield.
        • That is a serious accusation, so make sure you have plenty of evidence before you point the finger at someone.

    Meaning of that is for the defined word.

    Grammaticalement, ce idiome "that is" est un adverbe, plus spécifiquement, un adverbes conjonctif et un adverbes incomparable.
    • Partie du discours Hiérarchie
      1. Adverbes
        • Adverbes conjonctifs
          • Adverbes incomparable
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