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  • Un système est un ensemble d'éléments interagissant entre eux selon certains principes ou règles.
  • la nature de ses éléments constitutifs ;
  • les interactions entre ces derniers ;
  • sa frontière,
  • ses interactions avec son environnement.
  • NomPLsystems
    1. A collection of organized things; a whole composed of relationships among its members.
      1. There are eight planets in the solar system. ‎
    2. A method or way of organizing or planning.
      1. Many people believed communism was a good system until the breakup of the Soviet Union. ‎
      2. Don't want to grow old too fast / Don't want to let the system get me down / I've got to find a way to make the good times last / And if you'll show me how, I'm ready now
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      • Most of the nervous system that forms during larvogenesis in C. teleta persists into the juvenile stage.
      • In this case, therefore, the linearoid system of invariant differential equations is merely the linearoid transform of a linear system.
      • The first equivalent system in mycobacteria, the acetamide-inducible system based on the Mycobacterium smegmatis (Msmeg) endogenous acetamidase promoter [13 ], was developed as late as in 1997.
    2. Utilisé dans la fin de la phrase
      • He was bitter from the torments of the divorce system.
      • This is the complex aggregate of animate and inanimate single-organismic and multi-organismic entities and systems.
      • I have been swamped with paperwork ever since they started using the new system.

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Grammaticalement, ce mot "system" est un nom, plus spécifiquement, un noms dénombrable.
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