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  • Score peut faire référence à :
  • Vingt en ancien anglais,
  • Score, le nombre de points qu'un joueur, une équipe ou un concurrent a marqués,
  • une note calculée pour l'évaluation de la solvabilité d'un client demandant un crédit lors d'une pro
  • NomPLscoresSUF-core
    1. The total number of points earned by a participant in a game.
      1. The player with the highest score is the winner. ‎
    2. The number of points accrued by each of the participants in a game, expressed as a ratio or a series of numbers.
      1. The score is 8-1 although it's not even half-time! ‎
    3. The performance of an individual or group on an examination or test, expressed by a number, letter, or other symbol; a grade.
      1. The test scores for this class were high. ‎
    4. (cricket) A presentation of how many runs a side has scored, and how many wickets have been lost.
      1. England had a score of 107 for 5 at lunch. ‎
    5. (cricket) The number of runs scored by a batsman, or by a side, in either an innings or a match.
      1. Twenty, 20 (number).
        1. A distance of twenty yards, in ancient archery and gunnery.
          1. A weight of twenty pounds.
            1. (music) One or more parts of a musical composition in a format indicating how the composition is to be played.
              1. Even without hovering drones, a lurking assassin, a thumping score and a denouement, the real-life story of Edward Snowden, a rogue spy on the run, could be straight out of the cinema. But, as with Hollywood, the subplots and exotic locations may distract from the real message: America’s discomfort and its foes’ glee.
            2. Subject.
              1. Account; reason; motive; sake; behalf.
                1. A notch or incision; especially, one that is made as a tally mark; hence, a mark, or line, made for the purpose of account.
                  1. An account or reckoning; account of dues; bill; hence, indebtedness.
                    1. (US, crime) SLA A robbery; a criminal act.
                      1. Let's pull a score! ‎
                    2. (US, crime) SLA A bribe paid to a police officer.
                      1. (US, crime) SLA An illegal sale, especially of drugs.
                        1. He made a big score. ‎
                      2. (US, crime) SLA A prostitute's client.
                        1. (US) SLA A sexual conquest.
                        2. VerbeSGscoresPRscoringPT, PPscored
                          1. VI To earn points in a game.
                            1. Pelé scores again!
                          2. VT To earn (points) in a game.
                            1. It is unusual for a team to score a hundred goals in one game.
                          3. VT To achieve (a score) in e.g. a test.
                            1. VI To record the score for a game or a match.
                              1. VT To scratch (paper or cardboard) with a sharp implement to make it easier to fold.
                                1. VT To make fine, shallow lines with a sharp implement, for example as cutting indications.
                                  1. A very neat old woman, still in her good outdoor coat and best beehive hat, was sitting at a polished mahogany table on whose surface there were several scored scratches so deep that a triangular piece of the veneer had come cleanly away, […].
                                2. VI SLA To have sexual intercourse.
                                  1. Chris finally scored with Pat last week.
                                3. VT SLA To acquire or gain.
                                  1. Did you score tickets for the concert?
                                4. VI To obtain something desired.
                                  1. VT To provide (a film, etc.) with a musical score.
                                    1. (US, crime, slang, transitive, of a police officer) To extract a bribe.
                                    2. Interjection
                                      1. (US) SLA Acknowledgement of success.
                                      2. Plus d'exemples
                                        1. Utilisé au milieu de la phrase
                                          • The eggcrate display has been used on more game shows than any other score display in history, and is still used today on The Price Is Right.
                                          • Mean Skin Assessment Scale scores of patients in control, hydrocolloid dressing and eggcrate foam groups Group Mean score in treatment period
                                          • Andrew Johnson scored a hat-trick as Fulham demolished London rivals Queens Park Rangers to win their Premier League fixture of the season.
                                        2. Utilisé au début de la phrase
                                          • Scores of foreign journalists have been dispatched to Seoul to report on the growing tensions between the two Koreas and the possibility of war.
                                        3. Utilisé dans la fin de la phrase
                                          • The teacher gave her students Hail Columbia over their poor test scores.
                                          • The old-school coach felt that his team's weak opponent had no business playing his strong team, so he decided to run up the score.
                                          • He started screaming at the top of his lungs after his team scored.

                                      Meaning of score for the defined word.

                                      Grammaticalement, ce mot "score" est un interjection. C'est aussi un nom, plus spécifiquement, un noms dénombrable. C'est aussi un verbe, plus spécifiquement, un verbes intransitif et un verbes transitif.
                                      • Partie du discours Hiérarchie
                                        1. Interjections
                                          • Noms
                                            • Noms Dénombrable
                                            • Verbes
                                              • Verbes intransitifs
                                                • Verbes transitifs
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