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    1. Of, or having to do with science.
      1. In an era when political leaders promise deliverance from decline through America’s purported preeminence in scientific research, the news that science is in deep trouble in the United States has been as unwelcome as a diagnosis of leukemia following the loss of health insurance.
    2. Having the quality of being derived from, or consistent with, the scientific method.
      1. In accord with procedures, methods, conduct and accepted conventions of modern science.
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          • Up to now, Purdue has focused on two scientific papers published in 2005 that Dr. Taleyarkhan hailed as independent confirmation of his sonofusion results.
          • Even with scientific validation at his fingertips, Mr. Leleux frets that the Stanford study may have been done “by a bitter unitasker like me who wants to validate his own existence.”
          • Most neuroresearch vendors now take great pains to emphasize their adherence to scientific and industry standards, transparency and ethics.
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          • Scientific literature on coexistance of myxedema coma and NMS is sparse.

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      Grammaticalement, ce mot "scientific" est un adjectif.
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