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  • Un phénomène est une chose, un fait du monde physique (objet, action…) ou psychique (émotion,
  • Au phénomène peut aussi s'opposer le noumène au sens d'Emmanuel Kant,
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    1. A thing or being, event or process, perceptible through senses; or a fact or occurrence thereof.
      1. (extension) A knowable thing or event (eg by inference, especially in science).
        1. (metonymy) A kind or type of phenomenon (sense 1 or 2).
          1. Appearance; a perceptible aspect of something that is mutable.
            1. A fact or event considered very unusual, curious, or astonishing by those who witness it.
              1. A wonderful or very remarkable person or thing.
                1. (philosophy, chiefly Kantian idealism) An experienced object whose constitution reflects the order and conceptual structure imposed upon it by the human mind (especially by the powers of perception and understanding).
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                    • We have previously suggested that the Blogshop phenomenon emerged through the symbiotic relationship of technology adaptation and design with specific geographic conditions.
                    • It is true that [ … ] the questions of the justification of inductive inferences normally lead to further problems, associated with the phenomenon of the underdetermination of theory by experience.
                    • When quantum-mechanical phenomena are taken into account, new vistas open up both for codemakers and codebreakers.
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                    • Further studies are needed to explore the mechanisms underlying neovascularization and neoinnervation of an acellular scaffold and to assess the clinical benefits of such phenomena.
                    • Diagnosing IE can be straightforward in patients with the typical oslerian manifestations such as bacteremia, evidence of active valvulitis, peripheral emboli, and immunologic vascular phenomena.

                Meaning of phenomenon for the defined word.

                Grammaticalement, ce mot "phenomenon" est un nom, plus spécifiquement, un noms avec pluriels irrégulier et un noms dénombrable.
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                  1. Noms
                    • Noms avec pluriels irréguliers
                      • Noms Dénombrable
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