• PronomSUF-self
    1. (reflexive) it; A thing as the object of a verb or preposition that also appears as the subject.
      1. The door closed by itself
    2. (emphatic) it; used to intensify the subject, especially to emphasize that it is the only participant in the predicate.
      1. The door itself is quite heavy.
  • Plus d'exemples
    1. Utilisé au milieu de la phrase
      • This petition for Jesus to "help my unbelief" is itself a request for singlemindedness -- or, more precisely, for the healing of doublemindedness, of doubt.
      • Beyond were the pines, and a rugged road, flint-edged, full of dips and rises, turns and twists, hovering on edges, or bosoming itself in deep rock-strewn cuts.
      • Nature 'publishes itself in creatures, reaching from particles and spicula, through transformation on transformation to the highest symmetries.
    2. Utilisé dans la fin de la phrase
      • Nothing was to be sacrosanct or sacred, excepting reason itself.
      • I looked at a reference manual for my car just to answer one question, but I spent the whole afternoon with my nose buried in it, just yak shaving, and got no work done on the car itself.
      • His fantastic record as a manager speaks for itself.

Meaning of itself for the defined word.

Grammaticalement, ce mot "itself" est un pronom, plus spécifiquement, un troisième pronoms personne.
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    1. Pronoms
      • Troisième pronoms personne
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