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    1. An increase in size, number, value, or strength.
      1. Private-equity nabobs bristle at being dubbed mere financiers. [ …] Much of their pleading is public-relations bluster. Clever financial ploys are what have made billionaires of the industry’s veterans. “Operational improvement” in a portfolio company has often meant little more than promising colossal bonuses to sitting chief executives if they meet ambitious growth targets. That model is still prevalent today.
    2. (biology) The act of growing, getting bigger or higher.
      1. (biology) Something that grows or has grown.
        1. (pathology) An abnormal mass such as a tumor.
        2. Plus d'exemples
          1. Utilisé au milieu de la phrase
            • In contrast, veliparib showed only marginal activity against EWSCs in our screen, and in long term growth assays we observed only partial sensitivity at 1.2–10μM (Fig 1A and 1B).
            • Various compounds with siderophore activity, including pyoverdines-Fe-complex, desferricoprogen and salicylic acid, were found to stimulate the growth of difficult-to-culture strains [ …]
            • The opportunity to plasticly change the relative investment in reproduction and growth would therefore have to occur early in life.
          2. Utilisé dans la fin de la phrase
            • In spite of the fact that biocrystallization mechanisms themselves are still largely unknown, it is now recognized that they differ from classical crystal nucleation and growth.
            • The diascope (a flat piece of glass) was used to press out the blood and expose the apple-jelly points of marginal growth.
            • Some old, underfired clay pantiles might be damaged by button mosses rooting in cracks and fissures. But most post-war tiles are hard enough to withstand a bit of moss growth.

        Meaning of growth for the defined word.

        Grammaticalement, ce mot "growth" est un morphème, plus spécifiquement, un suffixe. C'est aussi un nom, plus spécifiquement, un noms dénombrable.
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