• AdjectifCOMmore excessiveSUPmost excessiveSUF-ive
    1. Exceeding the usual bounds of something; extravagant; immoderate.
      1. "I personally consider putting a wide vibrato on a single 16th triplet note at 160 beats per minute rather excessive, nay even stupid."
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      • Recurrence of scapulothoracic bursitis following partial scapulectomy has been reported in one case and was attributed to the development of excessive scar tissue [ 26 ].
      • In addition, excessive accumulation of complement proteins is the major cause of drusens, whose deposition in the eye is an early sign of age-related macular degeration (AMD) [46 ].
      • In the initial proliferative phase, angiogenesis in hemangiomas is excessive but is followed by spontaneous regression, and the cellular parenchyma is gradually replaced with fibrofatty tissue.
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      • Excessive and sticky-thick mucus secretions may be observed in the valleculae, piriform sinuses, and endolarynx.
      • Excessive BMD loss in patients and siblings compared to patients would lend support to hypoestrogenism as an endophenotype of psychotic disorder, not influenced by disease-related factors.
      • Excessive sprouting of sympathetic nerves and subsequent hyperinnervation received increased attention due to their associations with fatal arrhythmia and sudden death[1 ].
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      • He was constantly thinking that he knew everything or could imagine everything, and constantly undergoing the shock of undeception; but the shock of the Longchamps Sunday was excessive.

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Grammaticalement, ce mot "excessive" est un adjectif.
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