• AdverbeCOMmore efficientlySUPmost efficientlySUF-ly
    1. In an efficient manner.
      1. The second half was a less open affair, in which West Brom grew increasingly and efficiently conservative.
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      • A wham-bam caper flick, efficiently directed by Roger Donaldson, that fancifully revisits the mysterious whos and speculative hows of a 1971 London bank heist.
      • By contrast, this substrate and the derived oligogalactosides (lactose, lactitol, melibionic acid, melibiose, lactulose, raffinose, and stachyose) were efficiently utilized by R.
      • ishwashers wash dishes much more efficiently than most humans. ‎

Meaning of efficiently for the defined word.

Grammaticalement, ce mot "efficiently" est un adverbe. C'est aussi un morphème, plus spécifiquement, un suffixe.
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