due to  

Fen raison de
  • Préposition
    1. caused by; resulting from.
      1. Rising unemployment due to the economic downturn is spreading.
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    1. Utilisé au milieu de la phrase
      • Initially 17 subjects were enrolled in the study, but 5 subjects dropped out due to discomfort related to the nasoduodenal tube.
      • This considerable variation (68%) is due to the subellipsoidal form of the protoconch.
      • NASA will roll back the shuttle launch due to bad weather.
    2. Utilisé au début de la phrase
      • Due to its presumed irresectability the site was marked with metallic clips for later irradiation.
      • Due to my unfamiliarity with the library's catalog system, it took several hours to find the book.
      • Due to difficulty culturing the WY-A2 strain in MMH broth, cysteine heart agar with 9% chocolatized sheep blood (CHAB) was used under identical incubation settings as the strains above.

Meaning of due to for the defined word.

Grammaticalement, ce idiome "due to" est un préposition.
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    1. Prépositions
    Définition: Niveau 3
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