• VerbeSGdemonstratesPRdemonstratingPT, PPdemonstratedPREdemo-SUF-ate
    1. To display the method of using an object.
      1. To show the steps taken to create a logical argument or equation.
        1. To participate in or organize a demonstration.
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            • We derive our embarrassingly parallel VI algorithm, analyze our method theoretically, and demonstrate our method empirically on a few nonconjugate models..
            • Finally, in vivo studies are necessary to demonstrate that the tanycyte-neuron interaction is required for hypothalamic glucosensing.
            • These findings demonstrate that C6-labeled nanoparticles facilitate drug outflow from lysosomes, and that the fluorochrome is primarily distributed in the cytochylema.
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            • Transiently suppressed bone formation and increased bone resorption after participation in a 246-km ultradistance race has been demonstrated.
            • In many Eastern European countries homosexuals face blatant persecution, as the recent criminalization of homosexuality and repeated homonegative riots in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine demonstrate.

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        Grammaticalement, ce mot "demonstrate" est un verbe.
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