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    1. plural of area.
    2. Plus d'exemples
      1. Utilisé au milieu de la phrase
        • To the northeast and northwest of the uplifted area there was a belt of depression, mainly in land areas.
        • The fish in this area have been overharvested for years.
        • That area isn't my strong suit, but I can give it a shot.
      2. Utilisé dans la fin de la phrase
        • They have been excluded from the taxonomic revision because they are currently considered as extra-limital to the study area.
        • It wasn't far enough away to think about transmatting and besides, that was no longer a viable option, what with vandals having wrecked some of the booths in the area.
        • Disabling network access to unused ports reduces surface area.

    Meaning of areas for the defined word.

    Grammaticalement, ce mot "areas" est un nom, plus spécifiquement, un formes de noun.
    • Partie du discours Hiérarchie
      1. Noms
        • Formes de Noun
          • Formes plurielles Noun
      Définition: Niveau 1
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