• VerbeBFappointSGappointsPRappointing
    1. simple past tense and past participle of appoint.
      1. One saint's day in mid-term a certain newly appointed suffragan-bishop came to the school chapel, and there preached on “The Inner Life.”
  • AdjectifBFappoint
    1. (of a politician or a title) Subject to appointment, as opposed to an election.
      1. In the United States, the Secretary of State is an appointed position.
  • Plus d'exemples
    1. Utilisé au milieu de la phrase
      • This was the appointed day for the auto da fé, and streets, balconies, and windows were already alive with eager faces to witness the procession of [ …]
      • In the United States, the Secretary of State is an appointed position.
      • In France, syndics are appointed by the creditors of a bankrupt to manage the property.
    2. Utilisé dans la fin de la phrase
      • So then to conclude, though man bee Gods hand, and inſtrument, to inaugure, inthronize, and inueſt, yet is it God alone, that doth originally ordaine, inſtitute, and appoint.

Meaning of appointed for the defined word.

Grammaticalement, ce mot "appointed" est un adjectif, plus spécifiquement, un adjectifs incomparable. C'est aussi un verbe, plus spécifiquement, un formes verbale.
  • Partie du discours Hiérarchie
    1. Adjectifs
      • Adjectifs incomparable
      • Verbes
        • Formes verbales
          • Participes
            • Participe passé
            • Formes de dernières verbe simple
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