• AdjectifPREana-SUF-ical
    1. Of or relating to anatomy or dissection; as, the anatomic art; anatomical observations.
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        • Under conditions of incomplete burning, and/or in dry or waterlogged environments in which microorganic activity is weak, wood can keep its anatomical structure [11 ,12 ].
        • Since other dense anatomical structures are around and in contact the EC, the EC was defined to exclude the dorsal endopiriform nucleus and the piriform cortex.
        • The anatomical parts of the middle ear – the epitympanic, posterior mesotympanic, and hypotympanic structures – were more visible through an endoscope than through a microscope.

    Meaning of anatomical for the defined word.

    Grammaticalement, ce mot "anatomical" est un adjectif, plus spécifiquement, un adjectifs incomparable.
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